What is the automatic spade, "La Perrette"

"La PERRETTE" made of steel, hitted with a spade or a fork is made up :

  Of a tube acting as a lever, operated by means of two revolving handles, adjustable to the height of the user..

  Of a pedal - support, fixed by a support and an axis at the 2/3 of the lever;

Large et comfortable, allowing a very stable base of the apparatus without sinking into the ground ;

Using the maximum the weight of the user for the sinking ;

And becoming then the fixed point on the ground of the lever ;

  Of a rotating handle at the end of the lever ;

On which is fixed with clips and bolts the spade or the fork ;

The rotary movement of the handle (in other words the angling of the spade or the fork) is obtained by means of a camshaft sliding on one of the two rails of the pedal.

This rotary movement is the result of traction, without effort of the lever by user, once the apparatus is sunk in..