How to make use of it :


  1. Present the apparatus, well with arms well extended, so that the spade or the fork is perpendicular to the ground

  2. Press on the pedal - support until complete insertion of the spade or the fork.

  3. Pull gently on the lever. While maintening the heel on pedal, lift the end of the foot.
    The pedal being thus raised, the lump of earth will be in suspension on the spade.

  4. Then push with the toes and  lower the arms, the ground will turn over without effort. With a little practice, the foot should not leave the pedal - support any more (which increases the speed of the digging). The used tools are those of the trade, with open casing.


 An automatic spade without springs 
which turn over the earth :

Quickly, without effort, no fatigue.