A simple Camshaft, provoking the ROTATION of the tool's handle, and your ground is turned over.


( no springs, no rods, no gears)

Large PEDAL for a perfect base of the foot for the sinking in.

Digging with "LA PERRETTE" always being done in the upright position, 

its EXTENDIDLE HANDLE will be regulated to your leigth.

Its REVOLVING HANDLES will increase your COMFORT of use.

OPTION: the two handles model may be replaced on request by SIMPLE HANDLE thus allowing an EASY DIGGING for using only one arm..


Delivred to your convenience with a 4 TOOTH FORK or a SPADE (or both), you will be able to fix there thereafter, if you wish, ANY COMMERCIAL TOOL.
(Casing open from 35 38 m/m).


A simple bolt, and you use the tool ADAPTED to YOUR GROUND


(High resistance)

For all the parts supporting majority of effort.


EPOXY RESIN coating (cooked in a furnace) 
after preparation treatment 

This document is not contractual; and in the interest of our customers,
we reserve ourselves the possibility of modifying our models and their characteristics